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Our qualified instructors have developed some great online courses that you can do at home in the comfort of your own space.  Each course has 6 lessons which are around 45 minutes long excluding practise time; giving you step by step instructions on how to progress in your rollerskating journey. Each lesson also includes a warm up & cool down, together with a little workout to strengthen the muscles you need for rollerskating.

The Beginner Level 1 course covers the follow:

  • Skate Maintenance
  • Safety & Protection
  • Standing up and maintain balance
  • First step and change direction
  • Scissors, zig zags & 8’s
  • Balance on 1 foot & learning to stop
  • Turning and transition from forward to backwards
  • Skating backwards

This course can be purchased for £30 and you will have access to this course for 3 months, so you can keep watching it and practise as many times as you want.

Please see our online courses here:


We have loads more courses coming soon, so keep an eye out for the Intermediate Level 1, Roller Dance, Learn to Spin, Roller Fitness and many more…